The multifarious services that support our hybrid asset protection and risk management SOEBU programs include:



        Custom Website Development & Design


        Specialized Search Engine Optimization


        Sentinel Online Reputation Management


        Dedicated Conversion Rate Optimization


        Human Interactive Social Media Management


        Quarterly GCI Internal and External Intelligence Sweeps


        Annual SWOT Analysis on both new and existing competitors

U.S. Protective Service SOEBU Business Industry Intelligence Facts:



       97% of consumers now search online for a business or service


       90% of consumers now say their buying decisions are influenced by online social media reviews


       75% of consumer searches never go past page 1 of Google, so if you are on page 2 results are poor


       5.9 + billion searches a day are conducted on Google which is where 80% of all online searches originate


       U.S. businesses operating in America now loose an estimated 20% of their customers on a annual basis, because they

       continue to rely on conventional business solutions that lack automated retention and loyalty programs.




SOEBU also performs assessments for determining market values, identifying hidden opportunities, providing competitive analyses, and issuing practical strategic guidance while helping our customers achieve unrivaled new market dominance.  We are the first to develop Advanced Hybrid Performance Based Asset Protection and Risk Management Solutions that accelerate new business opportunities while providing long term business sustainability in any global marketplace.

 U.S. Based Business Select Client Benefits Of A SOEBU Deployment Are As Follows:


      Dramatic Increase In New Revenue


      Effective Mitigation Against Financial Risk


      Substantial Reduction In Customer Attrition


      Superior Protection Against Chronic Loss Of Revenue


      Ability To Secure New Market Dominance Over Competition



At U.S. Protective Service, we know that Business Intelligence is a key strategic business driver in today’s global marketplace. By employing effective business intelligence incorporating IT business processes, advanced analytic techniques and development of real-time applications, the U.S. Protective Service is perfectly positioned to provide our clients with the ability to stay one step ahead of the competition while protecting their business and accelerating both new market share and revenue without any logistical or geographical limitations 24/7/365. Our SOEBU seasoned team of vetted professionals bring with them the ability to span an entire spectrum of services: from deploying business and counter intelligence solutions, to utilizing advanced technology and communication, all in order to maintain a superior advantage over the competition.


We employ the latest advancements in technology and communication and our capabilities go deeper and extend further than conventional research methods alone, which in turn guarantees long term business sustainability while providing our clients with an entirely new level of market dominance.


Our ability to propel our clients above and beyond the competition sets us apart from any other company and our level of expertise remains unrivaled in the world of strategic business development, business intelligence and business security with SOEBU delivering actionable performance results on demand.

SOEBU - Special Operations Elite Business Unit

U.S. Protective Service with over 6 years of providing specialized hybrid asset protection and risk management services for American based businesses, has formed a new Special Operations Elite Business Unit identified as SOEBU.


SOEBU is comprised of vetted I.T. professionals, web architects, corporate security specialists, intelligence analysts, and strategic business development experts who effectively augment each agency designated assignment with their individual expertise in order to guarantee optimal results without any logistical or geographical limitations.


The SOEBU Special Operations Elite Business Unit’s primary mission objective is to help select business clients nationwide achieve maximized business protection, stimulate new financial growth and mitigate financial risk. Unlike conventional marketing agencies or generic website development companies operating within the same sector of business, the U.S. Protective Service employs real time business intelligence to develop performance based formulations that combined with advanced security solution guarantee success.

BUSINESS FACT: As reported by INC, a staggering 96% of businesses fail within a 10-year period of time in the United States.

U.S. Protective Service
U.S. Protective Service
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